5 Minute Hummus Recipe Your Whole Family Will Love

5 Minute Hummus

Who wants a quick, easy and healthy hum­mus recipe?! I seri­ously love hum­mus, but have always feared mak­ing it on my own think­ing that it would take too long, or make too much of a mess (I really hate a mess)! As with most new foods and recipes I encounter, I felt the feel­ing of uncom­fort­able­ness and put it off and just made it a “some­day” idea.  I finally got out of my com­fort zone and tried it.…can I just say FAB!? {Read More}

My Secret Weapon in the Kitchen!

shakeology healthiest meal

Din­ner time.…oh the joy (I’m being sar­cas­tic). Have you ever wanted to rip your hair out when try­ing to get a healthy meal on the table with chaos going on in the back­ground, or is it just me who has these prob­lems! (I get it because I used to do this to my mom too-sorry ma!) I have a secret weapon that has changed my life! My Secret Weapon Smoothie! So here’s what I do…I mag­i­cally whip up a smoothie and {Read More}

Video 3~Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail


Are you ready to meal plan and set your­self up for suc­cess? Here are your good­ies for this video! Below is a sam­ple of my meal plan:   Here is a blank tem­plate for you to tweak and use: How I Meal Prep My Favorite Break­fast My weekly themes on Pin­ter­est! Pop on over and join us moms for some good con­ver­sa­tion and sup­port as we get our Healthy Revenge in this crazy world of rais­ing healthy fam­i­lies in the Healthy Revenge Mom’s Mastermind!

Video 1~Get Clean, Mean and Green

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I hope you enjoyed video 1 in your mini course! Here are your free good­ies! Dirty Dozen/Clean 15 list: http://www.ewg.org/foodnews/ Have you joined our thriv­ing com­mu­nity of moms in the Healthy Revenge Mom’s Mas­ter­mind?  We’d love to have you!