Healthy Habits, Healthy School Year


Sep­tem­ber is the month to set the tone for your child’s school year!   Are you ready to learn some new and healthy habits… or maybe even be reminded of old ones that have been long gone this sum­mer?The Healthy Revenge Move­ment presents:  Healthy Habits, Healthy School Year We believe that healthy kids are so impor­tant! The stan­dards and expec­ta­tions for our kid­dos are overwhelming…why not set them up for suc­cess?! Join us for 7 days of free, valu­able insight {Read More}

Apple Cider Vinegar and Warm Lemon Water Routine


This is a game changer! The week I added this into my rou­tine, I noticed imme­di­ate change!  It is so easy to do…yet so easy not to do. Have you ever tried apple cider vine­gar and warm lemon water? The first time I tried this mir­a­cle con­coc­tion, I’m not gonna lie…I almost spit it out over my nice kitchen!  I stuck with it and each day got eas­ier and bet­ter!  Now it is like sec­ond nature.  When I get off of this {Read More}

There’s a New Hotty in my Bed!


About a month ago or so I expe­ri­enced some pretty severe pain on my back near my shoul­der blades.  At first I thought it was from either work­ing out or pick­ing up my 27lb son…he’s a solid lit­tle man! It pro­gres­sively got worse and start­ing vibrat­ing towards my heart.  I was get­ting pretty ner­vous at this point and went to get it checked by sev­eral doctors…none of them could find any­thing wrong! One day I was feed­ing my son and lit­er­ally had {Read More}

3 Day Refresh…Is it for You?


I had the oppor­tu­nity to give Beachbody’s lat­est pro­gram a test run to see if it met my Healthy Revenge stan­dards! All together I lost 4.5 pounds and def­i­nitely felt lighter and more ener­gized after!  Let’s take a peek deeper into the pro­gram to see if this is some­thing that will help you achieve your healthy lifestyle goals! Here is a video on how I prepped for the 3 Day Refresh…find out if it was easy or real­is­tic!   I {Read More}