Is it Happening TO you or FOR You?


Preg­nant with my sec­ond child, healthy lit­tle tod­dler who makes me laugh every day (espe­cially days like today)…life’s pretty awe­some! It wasn’t always that way…of course I share the pos­i­tive on my wall for the most part (the world is neg­a­tive enough…why add to it?). Prior to baby #1 life was dif­fer­ent… Like many of my friends and women out there…the road to preg­nancy and main­tain­ing a preg­nancy kinda sucked if I’m quite blunt! It was a long, drawn out {Read More}

Coffee and Wine…So Divine! Can I Drink These on the 21 Day Fix?


Cof­fee and wine make the world go round… I recently asked my fol­low­ers what they could never give up.  These two were at the top of the list! I can under­stand why see­ing that mocha is my guilty plea­sure. The funny thing is that it goes deeper than the taste…it’s how it makes me feel and it’s my hap­pi­ness! So I get when my clients come to me wor­ried that they have to give up their favorite things. I will say that {Read More}

6 Pack in 6 Days Smoothie Challenge

6 Pack in 6 Dayshrm

What you feed your body is the most impor­tant thing you can do for your health!  Are you on point?  Room for improve­ment? Join us for a hands on 6 day event where we will not only learn about what to put in our bod­ies, we will actu­ally get to move a lit­tle with some of our favorite train­ers! Smooth­ies are a great way to get all those nutri­ents into your body to make it work at opti­mum lev­els! What {Read More}

21 Day Fit BOD Challenge


Be honest…does the food aspect of get­ting in shape scare you? It’s ok…it did with me 5 years ago! I may just have the answer you’re look­ing for! I’m look­ing for sev­eral COMMITTED women to join me on March 30th. This will be a bit dif­fer­ent than my chal­lenges in the past. I’m really excited about this very unique way to get con­trol of our health in a fun atmos­phere! Here are the details! ~The pri­vate sup­port and account­abil­ity group will con­sist {Read More}