The Easiest Oat Muffins!


Muf­fin tins rule!  They are a mom’s dream! I’m an on the go kind of mom…I need quick, healthy and fast most morn­ings!  How about you? If so, check out one of my most pop­u­lar ques­tions I get asked… “How do you make those awe­some muffins again?” Steel Cut Oat Muffins You will need: muf­fin tin steel cut oats water your favorite fix­ings   Direc­tions: Add 2 table­spoons oats to each tin.  Fill the rest up with water (leav­ing a lit­tle breath­ing room at the top). {Read More}

Fall Fest Ideas…with a Little Healthy Revenge

Orange and Celery Pumpkins

We just fin­ished a week­end of fun and fall activ­i­ties! One of them being the Joseph’s Fall Fest! Here are some things I made to make this event a healthy and fun hit! Food 1.  Healthy Pump­kins 2.  Banana Ghosts 3.  Spooky Hands 4.  Witch’s Fin­gers 5.  Healthy Candy Corn 6.  Home­made Apple­sauce in the rice cooker   The wind got the best of us, but we tried some fun games too! Games: Ghost Bowl­ing Leaf pool   Thanks to all my friends that {Read More}

Healthy Revenge Takes on the Holidays


There is so much to be thank­ful for dur­ing the hol­i­day season…that extra 7–12 pounds we pack on is not one of them! I’ve never had a hol­i­day sea­son where I didn’t gain weight, where my jeans fit per­fectly come Jan­u­ary 1st, where I felt like a mil­lion bucks and was able to think clearly for the new year!   Every year I indulge, I give up, I throw the towel in to cook­ies, cakes and my hubby’s home­made Bailey’s (mmmm.…)!   {Read More}

5 Minute Hummus Recipe Your Whole Family Will Love

5 Minute Hummus

Who wants a quick, easy and healthy hum­mus recipe?! I seri­ously love hum­mus, but have always feared mak­ing it on my own think­ing that it would take too long, or make too much of a mess (I really hate a mess)! As with most new foods and recipes I encounter, I felt the feel­ing of uncom­fort­able­ness and put it off and just made it a “some­day” idea.  I finally got out of my com­fort zone and tried it.…can I just say FAB!? {Read More}