Sweet Banana Pancakes

Sweet banana pancakes

Who doesn’t love pan­cakes?!?! In our house they RULE!  My son would eat them break­fast, lunch and din­ner so I’m always look­ing for a new spin on them. We tried a new recipe out this past week­end and they were a hit!  Check out my Lit­tle Revenge and I as we tackle Sweet Banana Pan­cakes on Lit­tle Revenger TV(:. Sweet Banana Pan­cakes Makes 6 (our video tripled the recipe) 1 banana (ripe) 2 eggs 3/4 cup oats ½  cup unsweet­ened apple­sauce (we love {Read More}

The Cost of Being Healthy

Your body is an investment

The cost of being healthy is a pas­sion­ate topic for me.  It’s really inter­est­ing how we view invest­ing in our health. Isn’t it ironic how some things we go out and buy, not even think­ing of the price and then other things we object and fight the price? For example…have you ever gone out for din­ner and paid $150 for two? I have! How about forked over $7 for a mar­tini? $6 for a beer? Then on the flip side…I would never {Read More}

Cize-The End of Exercise

CIZE-The End of Exercise

New things are com­ing our way…I’m super stoked!  I wouldn’t say I’m a good dancer, but I still loooooove to get my groove on!  The new pro­gram Cize-The End of Exer­cise is com­ing this sum­mer and I will be the first on this band­wagon! How long is the pro­gram? 4 weeks How long are the work­outs? 35–40 min­utes Can I get cer­ti­fied to teach Cize? Yes! Do you need any equip­ment? None What is Cize? Now you can get into great shape {Read More}

Suns Out Guns Out Fitness and Food Challenge

Sunsoutgunsout 3

  Are your “guns” ready for tank tops and swim­suits?! Join me in my next REAL chal­lenge, “Suns Out Guns Out”, as we shed some fat and cre­ate last­ing habits of eat­ing clean, por­tion­ing and get­ting fit the healthy way! Let’s get those arms (and more) into some awe­some shape! This is not about starv­ing, not about quick fixes, not about fake foods and nasty pills, and not about hour-long workouts…this is about get­ting YOU healthy for the long run ladies! Who {Read More}