As Seen on the 21 Day Fix Infomercial

I got to mee the amazing CEO Carl!

Tak­ing before pics is def­i­nitely not my cup of tea, but thank good­ness I did!!!  Guess where it landed me? The 21 Day Fix Infomer­cial! What an expe­ri­ence I’ve had this past year get­ting myself into the best shape of my life; cre­at­ing a rip­ple effect with oth­ers and my team The Healthy Revenge Move­ment; and break­ing through fears left and right.  I’ve been able to help so many and hon­estly, that’s where my biggest joy lies! Here are some things {Read More}

How I Overcame My Infertility…and Got My Healthy Revenge

How I overcame my infertility

Infer­til­ity sucks…can I be blunt with you?! My jour­ney led me through 4 mis­car­riages, lots of lone­li­ness and some real soul search­ing… It was all worth it, and I can proudly say it’s made me the mom I am today.  Yes, I’m a MOM and I over­came my infer­til­ity by tak­ing con­trol of my health and never giv­ing up! As I write this, I sit next to my amaz­ing, bright, adorable 2.5 year old and feel the kicks of my new baby com­ing {Read More}

The Master Muffin Recipe

Master Muffin Recipe

Do have a mas­ter muf­fin recipe you keep on file?  The thing about me is that I love sim­ple, I love quick and I love healthy! If a recipe has a short and clean ingre­di­ent list…I’m game!  Lately I’ve been really into find­ing recipes that can be used over and over again with just a switch of a few ingre­di­ents… For exam­ple: sal­ads, pan­cakes, oat­meal, smooth­ies, omelets, tacos, and pizza! I recently came across a mas­ter muf­fin recipe and have adapted {Read More}

21 Day Fix Cookbook Coming soon!


Are you ready for the col­lec­tion of 101 healthy recipes meant to go with the 21 Day Fix, 21 Day Fix Extreme and really any pro­gram that is clean!?  I think we can all agree that we’ve been wait­ing for some­thing like this!  It’s finally com­ing! Do you want health­ier ver­sions of the food you love?  FIXATE is for you! A vari­ety of recipes are in the book includ­ing vegan, veg­e­tar­ian, Paleo, dessert, snack, drink, break­fast, lunch and din­ner! So you’re prob­a­bly {Read More}