doTERRA Peppermint Challenge!

This is an amaz­ing idea!  When the qual­ity of your essen­tial oils are impor­tant, you want to know you are get­ting the best!  More peo­ple are turn­ing to doTERRA for their high qual­ity, ther­a­peu­tic grade oils.  Non-members can take part in this challenge.

So here’s the deal…print and fol­low the direc­tions on the flyer and send in any bot­tle of high qual­ity pep­per­mint oil by Sep­tem­ber 15th!  Email me if you have any! This is a great way to get a taste of the high qual­ity doTERRA has to offer for free!

Pep­per­mint Chal­lenge Flyer- at the bot­tom you can put my name, Kelly Joseph, IPC#468983

Here are some uses for Pep­per­mint oil:

1. Calm a Tem­pest.  Just one drop of pep­per­mint oil rubbed on the stom­ach or taken inter­nally can calm indi­ges­tion, an upset stom­ach or other inter­nal diges­tive com­mo­tion. A must-have when traveling!

2. Restore Vital­ity in the Mouth. When your breath is sharp and your mouth feels furry, pep­per­mint oil with water (and lemon oil) cre­ates a healthy, refresh­ing mouth rinse that leaves a last­ing crisp, clean feeling.

3. It’s About Air Flow. When sinuses seem to be clogged, and throats swollen and scratchy, dif­fuse pep­per­mint oil (or apply top­i­cally on the chest) for almost imme­di­ate relief and revi­tal­iz­ing air flow. Pep­per­mint acts as an expec­to­rant and may pro­vide relief for colds, cough, sinusi­tis, asthma, and bronchitis.

4. Cool the Joints. When the rav­ages of time wreak havoc on your joints, leav­ing that hot and achy feel­ing, pep­per­mint oil mixed with laven­der oil cools like an ice bath, but you to stay warm and dry.

5. Feel Full, Faster. Sati­ety. It’s about feel­ing full, and not overeat­ing. The aroma of pep­per­mint oil has the abil­ity to make you feel full, faster…especially if you breathe it in dur­ing a meal!

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