5 Easy Ways I Save Time in the Mornings

Hey Healthy Revenger!

I heart mornings!  I wasn’t always that way, but as I created healthy habits and routines….it naturally turned into MY time of day!

My mornings (like everyone else) are crunched and every minute counts…so here are a few ways I save time to get sh&* done the way I want before the kiddos wake up!

  1. I wear my workout clothes to bed.
  2. I workout at home
  3. I eat my whole foods and clean nutrients in a smoothie format by just adding water.
  4. I use dry shampoo!
  5. Have everything I need out and ready the night before!

Watch my detailed live video below and hear about my new program launching soon!

Tell me in the comments of the video if you do any of the things mentioned.  Which ones do you struggle with?

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