9 Steps to Get Back to Business with a Healthy Routine

9stepsbacktobizHey Healthy Revengers…is your head spinning as much as mine is—aaaaahhhh!  Summer is so awesome but the indulgences, parties, drinks and fun can really put a damper on your healthy routine

…anyone else feel that way?!

I hear it over and over again from my coaches, challengers and friends on how they are totally off track and have no clue how to begin or where to start!

Have no fear…Healthy Revenge is here!!!

Here are a some quick tips to get you going and get you (back) on a routine to set you up for healthy success!

  • Accept the past and move on…what’s done is done, no use crying over spilled milk!  We tend to beat ourselves up and think we are too far gone to get back to what we WERE!  It can spiral us out of control and leave us feeling like crap and inadequate.  Realize, accept and forgive yourself…you are human!  Say this to yourself now: “I forgive me!”


  • Don’t overdo a good thing!  Have you ever heard the saying “Balls to the wall”…heehee.  We tend to go big or go home when we start up a new healthy lifestyle routine and then usually 5-10 days in have completely given up due to overwhelm, soreness, cravings and so much more.  Am I right?  Start small and build upon each day!  Instead of working out 2 hours a day, 6 days a week, make a more realistic goal…30 minutes a day, 3-5 times a week.  Build initial success so you can build your confidence.


  • Don’t create an all or nothing mindset!  We sometimes think that we have to do it all or go full force at times…doing SOMETHING is better than doing nothing!  That’s your goal…to do something. Perhaps you have the tools you need to get healthy but for one reason or another you can’t commit to it fully…isn’t doing one aspect better than nothing?  If you wait for the perfect conditions to start…YOU MAY NEVER START!  How horrible would that be if you wasted each precious day because things weren’t perfect?!


  • Get into a routine by being consistent and intentional each day.  The Compound Effect has been one of the best books I’ve ever read to explain the idea of daily action over time creating lasting habits. Go read it now! The only way you WILL see results is if you are consistent.


  • Remember your chapter 1 is someone else’s chapter 21!  Put your blinders on and stop comparing!  I see this too often where a challenger compares herself to someone else and gets in her own way…you have no clue where the other person was coming from or what her past entails.  The only one to compete with is yourself…document your small scale victories and keep improving on those.


  • Find what works for you and what makes you jump out of bed in the morning.  Odds are, if your new healthy routine makes you miserable or isn’t something you could see yourself doing a year from now…you won’t stick with it.  You may have to go through some trial and error to find your soulmate routine, but it IS out there!  Discover what you love, try new things and be open to fresh ideas in the name of health.


  • Join a group that supports you and holds you accountable.  I know for me, this was one major missing piece on my healthy journey.  I never had anyone to support me or hold me accountable. There is something to be said about someone holding to your word, isn’t there?  Having a place that I can check in, share my ups and downs and be with others that are going through similar struggles is truly gold.


  • Create your WHY and remember who you are doing this for!  There is a reason why you want to get back into a healthy routine in the first place…am I right?  What is that WHY?  No, no, no…I don’t want a pageant why.  I want your why to make you cry!  Once you dig deep enough to your why…guess what?!  Getting up and getting your healthy tasks done is way easier!


  • Just do it…and stick with it!  Stop overthinking everything.  Just start, just move, just try each day.  You may not have a stellar workout every morning, you may not have a winning day each day…but guess what?  You did it and you are better than you were yesterday!


Are you fed up, can’t fit into your pants after a fun summer, need some support and a simple plan that will get you back in gear?

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There is no better time than now to get your Healthy Revenge!


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