Cake or Healthy Revenge?

Hey Healthy Revenger!

That time in your life when you’re faced with two choices…

Eat the cake and give in to all your indulgences, or stand tall and get your Healthy Revenge on your willpower!

This month has been filled with events, fun and the realization that many things in my life are all accompanied by food!!

Anyone else?

I guess you realize this when you can’t eat and drink most of the things out there for 21 days!

Covered in cake, begging my daughter to at least smile and taste it…the joys of the cake smash!

Did I succeed?  Find out!


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  1. When you’ve decided to commit to something, what makes this “something” different?
  2. If you have a hard time committing, what’s the trigger?

As always, feel free to share!

Cheers to your Healthy Revenge!


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