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Project Healthy Revenge 8 Week Program

Hey Healthy Revenger!! You have goals. You want to feel amazing in your own skin…and a hot pair of jeans…I get you girl(: You’re sick of ending the day feeling depleted. You’re sick of being your own worst critic. You’re sick of putting yourself last…because let’s face it, you’re learning that it’s not serving anyone. … Continue Reading

#1 Dinner Sanity Tip!!!

Hey Healthy Revenger! Does dinner time stress anyone else out as much as I once felt?!  Girl, I get you…I mean who likes –>planning out the meals for the week and never knowing what to make –>making the meals just to have no one eat them –>then making other meals for the ones that don’t… Continue Reading

Lose weight happily?

Hey Healthy Revenger!! I’ve always been an emotional eater. It started back in my childhood. I was the chubby kid who had very little confidence. I used food for comfort and in boredom. “Give it to Kell, she’ll eat it.” I still hear those words in my head today. Being on the heavier side stopped me… Continue Reading

Bust the Bloat

Hey Healthy Revenger! Ahhhh can you believe Thanksgiving is upon us?! So much to be thankful for…I truly love the feeling of this holiday!  The warmth and connection with family and friends, the food, the comfort and joy. One thing I DON’T love, however, is the feeling of my stomach the days after–yikes! BLOATED, LETHARGIC,… Continue Reading

Dark Chocolate Banana Bread

Hey Healthy Revenger! Ever have a toooonnnn of bananas left over but don’t want to throw them out? All of a sudden my kiddos won’t eat them and I only eat a half at a time, so instead of throwing the bunch away, I went looking for a good recipe. Side note: I am not… Continue Reading