Demolish your rounded shoulders!

Hey Healthy Revenger!

Do you ever wish you could magically make those shoulders straight without having to actually think about it?!

My hubby is always reminding me to put my shoulders back…I don’t even know I’m rounding them half the time!! Bad habits over time, right?

Many of us are hunched over computer screens most of the day (in fact I am right now as I write this).

Yikes to bad posture!

Did you know that bad posture effects our bodies in a ton of negative ways?

  • it reduces lung function
  • makes you clench your jaw which leads to headaches
  • back and shoulder problems
  • gastrointestinal functions can be compromised

So how can we reverse all the years of bad habits on our posture?  Below are some simple moves to add to your morning routine!


Comment below:

  1. Are these moves you could do daily?
  2. What has caused your shoulders to hunch over?

As always, feel free to share!

Cheers to your Healthy Revenge!


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