For the Coffee Obsessed

Hey Healthy Revenger!

Are you obsessed with coffee?

Can’t imagine a day without it?

Need it to feel human every day?

Pretty much want to kill anyone who tells you NOT to drink it?!


You know you can make a few tweaks and changes to make your habit better, but you don’t know where to begin and you don’t know if you’re READY or willing to make some changes…I get it girlfriend!

As a mocha obsessed mom of 2 littles…sometimes the only thing that gives me peace in the morning is my warm, cozy cup of mocha!

I actually get depressed every time I SAY I’m going to quit. Believe it or not, I have quit my mocha twice for 21 days and realized I wasn’t necessarily addicted but… obsessed. Yup, I admit it!

I am not perfect with my healthy coffee…YET! ┬áBut I do make efforts to getting my obsession healthier and healthier.

This challenge was originated from my own obsession!

Join me in my free Coffee and Core Challenge today!


  • what type of coffee is healthiest
  • the dish on creamers
  • what sweeteners are healthiest
  • my very own healthy coffee formula

Plus get a daily dose of core work that will be sure to get your midsection all strong and hot (like your coffee)!


Join Now!

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