Free Simple and Safe Pregnancy Workouts

Are you pregnant and ready to start some amazing lifelong habits for you and baby?

Exercise is an amazing gift you can give yourself and your family.

  • minimize pregnancy aches
  • improve your mood and get your hormones under control
  • set the tone so it is easier to get your body back after baby

You’re working out for two, a little nervous and need some guidance!

I’m here to help!  I worked out using these amazing programs my entire pregnancy and want to share tips and support you on your healthy journey!Fit Pregnancy

Get free access to some great Active Maternity workouts from mom, cleberity trainer, and my fave–Autumn Calabrese!

Learn exactly what to do ranging from 1st trimester all the way to postpartum!

“Her Active Maternity workouts focus on gently building the strength you need for carrying your baby all the way through to labor. And she’ll help you safely develop strong abs and a fit cardiovascular system to give you the oomph and stamina you need for the pushing stage.

The workouts are customized to each trimester, demonstrate pregnancy-specific modifications you can use during other activities, and show you how to stretch in a comfortable range of movement. So you can continue to experience the feelings of wellness you get from exercise while carrying your little one to term. And they’re superefficient. You can squeeze these short and sweet pregnancy workouts in when you’re low on time—or energy!

Special Note From Autumn: Although my workouts were specifically designed for expectant and new mothers with your health and safety in mind, it is important that you consult with your physician to understand just how these exercises may affect you, your health and your baby. Please get permission from your physician before beginning these workouts, especially if you are high risk, had a caesarean section or experience post-partum conditions.”

Minimize pregnancy pains, prepare for labor and get a headstart on #operationbodyafterbaby.  The video series include:

1st Trimester: Get Stable

2nd Trimester: Get Strong

3rd Trimester: Get Ready

4th Trimester: Get it Back

Ready to test these workouts out for free with my support as your coach?  Click here!

Free Simple and Safe Pregnancy WorkoutsTrust me when I say that your body will thank you!

Cheers to your Healthy Revenge!







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