Healthy Revenge Meets 80 Day Obsession

Hey Healthy Revenger!

It’s coming!!!

Very soon a brand new, never been done fitness and nutrition program will be launching called 80 Day Obsession created by super trainer, Autumn Calabrese!

Autumn is hands down my favorite trainer and the one that speaks my “fitness” language best!

So what is this 80 Day Obsession and is it right for you?

Let’s take some time to break it down and chat options, shall we?

What is it?

80 Day Obsession is an effective step by step approach to building a shaped round butt while tightening your core. It includes 80 days of intense focus on fitness and nutrition.

The length of the workouts are 45-60 minutes, 6 days a week for 80 days.

In terms of equipment, you will need resistance loops (provided), sliders (provided), light, medium, heavy weights and a mat.

The only way to access this one of a kind program is through Beachbody on Demand (BOD), no DVDs

Some perks of the program include the fact that it is done in live time and Autumn is real. She has good days and bad days (we get to see it), she encourages and  adds in self care, and that aspect of vulnerability from a trainer is in the program like nothing ever made…it’s true to life and raw.

This is your opportunity to challenge yourself and lean in to your fitness…it’s the time to dive deep into what really makes you who you are and what you can accomplish if you give yourself a fighting chance!

Autumn promises to keep you moving and the workouts will all be different so you’ll never get bored.

You do want to be prepped before you start this program…it is intense!  

Doing a program like 21 Day Fix, 21 Day Fix Extreme, Hammer and Chisel or Autumn’s mashup is highly encouraged and recommended.  Join our mashup here so we can get your prepped for success!

The program follows a concept called timed nutrition.

You’ll follow the portion fix containers.  You’ll fuel your body prior and after your workouts and use your food as fuel.  You’ll feel really good with more than enough food, but you do have to plan out your meals to be successful. There are several cheat and treat days called re-feed days.

In our support group we will guide and teach you how to meal plan, how to use the containers, and how to be successful with the clean food lists.  Not only that, but we will be going through the program alongside you with the same struggles and challenges!  The support and accountability are key to you success with 80 Day Obsession.

Autumn also discusses how your supplements will also play a huge role in your results as well.  Having the tools to perform at your best, recover like a boss and keep going with energy, health and vitality will be integral to this program.

Are you as excited as I am to learn more?  Reach out and let’s set up a call to discuss if this is a right option for you! Also, don’t forget to join our Healthy Revenge 80 Day Obsession information group to countdown and learn more about the program!

Cheers to your Healthy Revenge,


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