Healthy Revenge on the Funk

Hey Healthy Revenger!

Are you feelin the funk these days?

We’ve all been there…I was actually just chatting with some coach friends about how I kind of feel that way with my biz right now.  I am grateful, I am doing the things, I am helping women…but I’m feeling that funk meter go up a bit.

Well, if ya know me ya know I don’t sit in the problem…I become solution savvy.  So I went on an adventure to un-funk and came across a really great podcast by James Wedmore called The Mind Your Business Podcast.

Below you’ll learn how to have grace with the funk! Learn 5 ways you can take action to get out of it…I know I’ll be following these too!

Tell me in the comments of the video if this helps and what you decide to do to get your Healthy Revenge!

You’re worth it girl!!

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Cheers to your Healthy Revenge!

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