Healthy Revenge Smoothies and Sweat Week!

Hey Healthy Revenger!

I believe you are capable of achieving your health and fitness goals like a ROCKSTAR!!!  I believe you are allowed to take baby steps to start so you can build a solid habit! I believe you are worthy of feeling good!!!

I’ve got some Healthy Revenge for you girl!!!  

Let’s start fun, and simple and with smoothies and a good sweat!!!!


Join me in our Healthy Revenge Smoothie and Sweat Week…fun, light hearted, simple to follow, no stress…just tasty smoothies and sparkle seshes!

What is it Kell?!

This is a 7 day program designed to taste allllll the flavor smoothies you see me raving about on my IG stories along with sweating to 4 amazing workouts that are designed to get you results!  Not only that but dabble with an amazing clean eating meal planner to up your game should you choose!

It’s the perfect way to dip your toe in 2018!!!!





More confident with eating clean


Fitness Friends


Fun in your life


What do you get:

7 sampler packs of the best nutrient dense smoothies

4 30 minute workouts

Meal planner

Morning Motivation

Morning tips

Support group

Me as your coach, cheer leader and motivator!

Imagine if you could:

-have an amazing and balanced healthy lifestyle (wine and coffee still included) without spending all day in the kitchen

-drink your clean smoothies without the prep, cost of buying everything separately and leg work

-feel empowered, strong and ready to take on the day and whatever is thrown at you (even if it is lovely chunks of spaghetti)

-have time for YOU that doesn’t take away time from those that are the most important to you

-feel ALIVE and UNSTOPPABLE again!!!

Kick start healthy habits that will last a lifetime…start it off with a smoothie tasting!!  Join us!






Here’s how to join:

Message me here…type “I’d like more details about Smoothie and Sweat Week” and then I can learn more about you and your goals.  After we chat…we can decide if this is a good fit to take you to your next step on your Healthy Revenge journey!

As always, I’m here to help at any level! Reach out!

Cheers to your Healthy Revenge!! Oh and be sure to follow me on IG and stories…that’s where you will see the fun, real and uncut Healthy Revenge going down on the daily!


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