Healthy Revenge Partners with the 21 Day Fix!




Are you ready to feel better in your own skin?

Ready to ditch the excuses?

Ready to save time, money and energy while still getting healthy?

Do you want to gain clarity? Reduce stress? Be a better woman, mom, wife and friend those around you? I’ve partnered with the 21 Day Fix!




~What if I fail?

~What if people laugh at me?

~What if I waste money?

~What if I can’t have “fun” anymore?

~What if it doesn’t work?

Call me crazy but that’s what stopped me at first!  Thank goodness I pushed through my doubts and finally started believeing in myself!


What if you could get healthy?  

What if you could be happier?




I am here to offer you my health coaching and online fitness coaching services to get you to your goals!  We will work together through various platforms including Facebook, Youtube, email and on the phone!  I work WITH you to decide what platforms will make YOU most successful and we go for it! I’ve also partnered with the #1 home fitness company to guarantee (yes money back guarantee) that you get the BEST workouts, nutrition and support ever!

You get:

~my coaching and weekly check ins

~private accountability group

~tips to feed your brain

~goal setting exercises

~your entire program including fitness and nutrition…EVERYTHING you need to seriously change your life (it did mine!)




Physical Delivery:

Your challenge pack.  This includes everything from above as well as 30 nutrient dense meals that will give you 10-12 servings of fruits and vegetables a day as well as those needed superfoods to get you to your goals!  No artificial flavors, sweeteners, or colors in our world…all real baby! (Healthy Revenge doesn’t do it any other way)


~Welcome info

~Private FB group link

~The Healthy Revenge Movement Food Guide

~How To Video for your prep week and containers


~Everything accessible with your phone including

calls and/or fb messages from me (you decide) giving you support, tips, recipes and videos

~daily check ins in our private FB group.



My results led me to be asked to film the next 21 Day Fix Infomercial!

Carl Daikeler, the CEO of Beachbody and I!

I take being your coach very seriously!

I know the fear and doubt you may have with starting something new…I was there!  I didn’t want to fail or waste my money.  My preconceived notions almost made me not try this!  (Judging gets you nowhere)…I’ve learned this along the way!

I’ve made it my life’s mission to not only get my family healthy by leading by example, but also to get those around me to their goals.  I’m commited to getting us hard working moms, teachers and health coaches paired with a program that has exceeded my expectations..and the best part

It’s so simple and real!

I’m on this journey with you…creating blog content, delivering inspiration, challenging you, giving you that gentle nudge you need, and most importantly


Supporting you!!!!  Without support,

I wouldn’t be as successful as I am!  We all

need a coach!


I do have a few rules. I match the energy you give me. If you don’t post, check-in, respond, or contribute, I can only do so much!  You must meet me halfway!  Be committed, dedicated, honest and teachable– this will lead you to success. Healthy Revengers work together!


You will notice…I am real!

I drink beer, I have cheat meals, I make mistakes…I am human.  This journey is not about perfection, but progress!  There is not an end date.  This is a lifestyle that you will hopefully choose to continue well beyond the 21 days…you will see me being me throughout our time together!  I hope you’re ok with that!

No negativity zone!  What we believe-we are!  While I can help and support you, unfortunately I can’t force you to take my guidance and follow the program.  Facts are, the program works…if you work it! If you are expecting miracles and a quick fix pill…this program is not for you!  You do have to work each and every day to get to your goals….that’s what makes it the best Healthy Revenge!  You earn it…it is not just handed to you on a silver platter.  I will be upfront and honest with you along the way, but YOU must be in it with me.  



Click here to learn about this

amazing investment in yourself, your future

and your family’s future!

Take it one step further and dive deeper!  My training as a Health Coach, Teacher and extended trainings with deeper level coaching has allowed me to work with my clients in a more intimate setting.

I offer 3, 6 and 9 session packages for the VIP treatment you’ve always wanted.  Set up a Healthy Revenge Breakthrough Session’s free!  Email me at

 What’s my latest support group?  Healthy Revenge Takes on March…click here to apply!


What my challengers are saying:

“My biggest fear  was failure…I’ve failed year after year and thought this could be the same. After 2 weeks nothing could stop me! I’ve accomplished to get healthier, being more accountable, feeling fit, and a better lifestyle.  I’m off perscription meds and am no longer living on Tums!” ~Lisa C.

“At first my fear was if I wouldn’t succeed or be able to stick to the program.  The support was huge and I felt I had an amazing support system and could reach out if I needed to stay on track.  I lost 4 lbs (which was huge for me) and 4.5 inches in 21 days! I learned to eat clean and in turn, give my two kids a healthy start to life!”  ~Bethany C.

“Before I started I feared not following through with my meal plan and the workouts.  I also was scared of giving up bread and pasta.  I’m down 11 pounds, lost 4 inches in my waist. Legs are in the best shape, in decades. Arms are beginning to tighten, ab work is paying off.  MY energy level and my overall outlook improved. Recently retired from a career I once loved and I think I spent well over a year in a grieving process.  I was just lost, this program really made a difference!” ~Kathleen K.



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