Lose weight happily?

Hey Healthy Revenger!!

I’ve always been an emotional eater. It started back in my childhood. I was the chubby kid who had very little confidence. I used food for comfort and in boredom. “Give it to Kell, she’ll eat it.” I still hear those words in my head today. Being on the heavier side stopped me from so much. It kept me stuck and feeling less than.

I luckily have recognized this pattern over the years and have been able to do better…but I still fall back into old habits during times of stress and sickness.

My coaches and I are testing out a brand new nutrition course where we learn to lose weight happily? Happily?

When I heard that sentence…it caught my attention….that’s what we ALL want, right?

This program is going to be my (and so many of us) game changer!!! Why? Because it’s focused on mindset and breaking the habits of emotional eating!

So what’s this new course all about? We’re learning:
-to focus on what we CAN eat instead of what we can’t to feel full
-how to not count calories or points
-food groups know how, what to eat and when, strategies on every eating situation (21 videos on this all)

-how to overcome weight loss struggles
-how to make tons of EASY recipes
-how to live life without stopping the fun or our every day routines

If you love food like me and don’t want to feel guilty every time you eat it…maybe you don’t want to workout, you can’t workout, or you want to focus on food first–this is up your alley!!

Take a close look and learn more about why I love this!!

If your heart is beating, and you’re getting that excited feeling like I did when I heard about all this…fill this form out to learn more!

As a coach, my job is to be always growing and changing.  This program is like no other program out there and I am so excited to test it out and offer this to you!!

Check out more details here!

I can’t wait to work with you and see the positive changes we all have!  I’m here to help if you have questions!

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Cheers to your Healthy Revenge,

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