Mom on a Mission Prep School

You have a ton of things going on in your MOM world!

You’re journey to health is as bumpy as an episode of the Real Housewives…

M.O.M. (mom on a mission), things gotta change…it’s time to get back to being unstoppable!

Sign up for my free Mom on a Mission Prep School to get 7 days of insight and must have tips that will be sure to make you unstoppable once again!

You’ll learn a fresh way to get to your healthy goals and totally kick butt as you rock your way through the class.

Here are the juicy topics:

-the power of your morning routine

-spending time being in the present

-having sparkle sessions every day

-feeding your brain

-eating like your life depends on it…because it does

-do one thing that makes you happy daily that doesn’t involve kids…no matter what it takes!

-showing daily gratitude

You can do this. And with a price tag of zero dollars… yeah. You can afford it. 😉

Click join in this event and I will send you next steps (so be on the lookout in your messages)

Mom on a Mission Prep School
The challenge begins on Monday, May 2nd in my private Healthy Revengers FB group.

See you in the group! I can’t flippin wait!!! If you know someone who could benefit from this challenge — or just want a buddy to do it with you! — send them to this page.

Feel free to share my event page on social media, too. This challenge is totally free & open to everyone.

Thanks for helping to spread the word.

Cheers to your Healthy Revenge!

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