My playlist has funk!

Hey Healthy Revenger!

So if you’ve been watching my IG stories…you know I am slowly getting back into running!  Yippee(: But during my first run, I realized that my playlist needed a major overhaul.  All the songs that I once loved….borrrinnnggggggggg!!  Hahaha…have you ever felt that way?

At first I was just randomly trying to find new music to add to my playlist, but wasn’t having any luck because I honestly don’t know what’s out there these days.

So I popped on POP Radio on itunes and decided to just listen and workout a few days in a row to really see how my body felt and reacted during a workout…totally helped me pick the perfect songs!  Now my playlist has funk and the perfect beats to keep me running.

When I thought about it…this is exactly what many or our ladies do in my fit club!  Instead of just jumping in to a program that they don’t know if they’ll like, they test out some workouts and trainers and after they actually test the workouts out…they can decide if that workout/program will go on their “playlist”. They can even decide if they want to actually complete the program from beginning to end…it’s the perfect plan…kinda like how I created my new running playlist.

Listen in to hear all the details, and if this feels and sounds exciting to you…now is the time to grab your spot in our new program! Don’t wait, spots are filling up!  Simply message me here to learn more!

And because I know you know what’s hot…do you have any really fun running songs I can add? I’d love to hear what you listen to!

Cheers to your Healthy Revenge!

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