My Sanity Saver Before Dinner (Kid Approved)

Hey Healthy Revenger!

Dinner time….oh the joy (I’m being sarcastic).

Have you ever wanted to rip your hair out when trying to get a healthy meal on the table with chaos going on in the background, or is it just me who has these problems! (I get it because I used to do this to my mom too-sorry ma!)

I have a secret weapon that has changed my life!

My Secret Weapon Smoothie!

So here’s what I do…I magically whip up a smoothie and give it to my kids before I start my dinner prep!

Now you may be asking…what if they don’t eat the meal then?  Honestly, I’m not too concerned because they’re getting all and more nutrients than they’d get from my meal in that one simple smoothie!

Plus, my sanity stays in tact…priceless

Learn more about the details in my LIVE video below!

I will be completely honest with you…I don’t always make my own green smoothies!  Ever since learning about the amazing benefits of Shakeology, I use this more so over spending the time to make a smoothie from scratch.

Why I use Shakeology:

  • I don’t have to go out and buy all the ingredients anymore…the superfoods get really pricey
  • It is quicker
  • There are way more high quality nutrients in Shakeology than I can put into my own smoothie
  • Cup for cup it is cheaper
  • The ingredients are sourced from the best places on earth with no artificial flavors, preservatives or soy!
  • It is tastier…my kids devour them!

Here is my favorite smoothie using Shakeology!

Get your hands on a sampler to test out for yourself here!

Join my free ongoing Healthy Revengers for my formal video on all the benefits of these smoothies! Simply search #secretweaponsmoothie in the search bar!

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