Project Healthy Revenge 8 Week Program

Hey Healthy Revenger!!

You have goals. You want to feel amazing in your own skin…and a hot pair of jeans…I get you girl(:

You’re sick of ending the day feeling depleted. You’re sick of being your own worst critic. You’re sick of putting yourself last…because let’s face it, you’re learning that it’s not serving anyone. 

Facts are that everyone needs a little help along the way.  Daily life can be a challenge…making your health a priority is important to you but you don’t know how that looks. It’s time to release and receive!! You don’t have to do this alone…you shouldn’t do this alone!! 

It’s time to get your Healthy Revenge girl!!!

It’s time to be a part of the 8 week Healthy Revenge Project!

Create a lifestyle and life you’re proud of, and get back to feeling unstoppable!!! Learn that it’s not about perfection or playing a victim of your circumstances…it’s about getting back up after a fall, it’s about not quitting, it’s about learning along the journey!

Who’s this for?

-The woman who is open to change and is ready to change

-The woman who’s had enough of thinking she can do it on her own

-The woman who is open to receive and even though it’s hard, is ready for help

-The super busy and on the go woman

-The woman who…well…wants to look svelte in her own unique way

-The woman who likes to have fun, likes meeting new women and who is coachable

-The woman who is ok with failing forward

-The woman who is looking for long term results and NOT a quick fix

-The woman who is looking for solutions rather than focusing on the problems

What is this project all about?

During this 8 weeks+, we will work on becoming the best version of ourselves!  We will start where we are and progressively grow and change at our own pace…no perfection, just progress day to day.

You will be matched to the perfect fitness and nutrition solution that is right for YOUR needs…you just have to be willing to show up for YOU in our private Facebook support group!

I want to be extremely clear on this- there is an investment…and trust me, it’s worth every single penny and then some!! Not only are you getting the perfect solution sent to you in a beautiful, simplistic pack…but you’re getting my coaching!!  You’re getting my 6+ years experience as a certified health coach and but also my failed and successful experiences can help you transform faster!!  You’re also getting my group and alllll the amazing content you would NEVER get on your own!  This is an investment you’re making for YOU!!!

Each week we will present a LIVE Monday Motivation video to help you set your week up for success.  Show up LIVE or watch the replay…do what fits your life.

We will have daily themes to keep you motivated, on track and to keep the experience fun and fresh.

A live Q&A will occur weekly to answer all questions and do some live coaching to help you break through the barriers your facing at your specific level.

Sunday is for checking in and accountability…huge deal here!! This is so important!!

With daily inspired action…you will no doubt be successful in my program!!! I believe this to my core!!!

Listen here for more details:

Results you can expect:

-energy to do the things you love

-the confidence to dream bigger and be more

-weight loss

-better hair, skin and nails

-better outlook on life

-better digestion, cholesterol and vitality

-better habits

-the better version of you!!!

Please fill out this form so I can give you my honest and best recommendations. This is for the woman who truly wants to change, so no need to fill out the form if you’re not ready or you’re going to focus on problems rather than alllll the solutions you have. #stillluvyathough

Once I learn more about you and your life, I will email you some ‘proven to work’ recommendations…you’re job is to respond with questions and fears (if you’re serious, you will have a tad bit of fear in your belly…it’s really excitement).

Please respond ASAP so I can assure you have a spot in the group if it’s the right fit…if not, the response is still needed to I can keep that spot for someone else!

Oh and did I tell you about the VIP experience to up your game even more?!

You have the option to join as a VIP member (not required but highly recommended):

You’ll get:

-2 special VIP Days per month where you will get exclusive mindset, nutrition, fitness trainings…all housed for you on a private training site

-25% off all your products

-Access to me to coach you 1:1 through FB messenger…non VIP get access in our FB group only

-Unlimited access to my group beyond the 8 weeks to make this lifestyle last (must be active)

-Community on a deeper, more meaningful level…develop bonds and friendships that keep you even more motivated

-Accountability so you can push harder

Results to look forward to as a VIP:

-deeper level transformations beyond the physical

-more fulfillment

-mindset shifts beyond what you could imagine

-a lifestyle that sticks instead of one that fades

-optional step by step training to start your own coach biz should you want to pay it forward

Why my coaching will help:

Accountability–you’ll get it done tomorrow, right? Is anyone making sure you do? I help you show up and get to your goals a lot faster than on your own.  

Action-you know where you want to get…but do you have the experience and background that can help you strategize to get there? I understand the big picture and help you create a step by step plan catered to your exact needs to achieve what you say you want. I also help you get back up after a setback…this is the secret to success.

An objective view: I’m someone looking in from the outside. I help you see blind spots, where you’re self sabotaging and give you that pep talk when you need it!

Not only have I realized how badly I needed a coach to help me this year (so I hired one), but I have realized how my true gift comes from working with people in an intimate setting where I can help them get their Healthy Revenge on a deeper level.

If you’re ready to get to your goals, quit what’s not serving you and take your health to the next level…

Project Healthy Revenge is the perfect solution to get you there! Apply here!

More questions? Email me at

Cheers to your Healthy Revenge,

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