{Read*Wash*Rise} Girl Wash Your Face Book Club

Hey Healthy Revenger!

I’m so excited you’re ready to read Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis, that you’re ready to wake up to the lies you’ve been telling yourself and rise to take action…together with us!!!

Join us in our Healthy Revenge Fit Club this next week as we have a book club (of sorts). We will read the book, talk about it and really engage in positive action.

When you join our 7 day group you’ll get:
-daily quotes
-daily inspirational Rachel videos to go along with the book
-daily small and doable action steps to rise above
-community and new friends
-empowerment to get your Healthy Revenge #judgementfreezone

You’ll also get to see how a fit club works and get a sneak peek of what we do in my groups to decide if this is something you want for your life! No commitment, just knowledge!

Oh yeah and the fun part…join us on August 13th to see Rachel Hollis’ Made for more…not in my area, who cares! Go to your local theater and watch it too!!

Ready to do this?!

Simply fill this form out and I will email you back the link to our group!

*the group will last 7 days and then you will be removed unless you feel called to continue on and get your Healthy Revenge!!!

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