September Snooze and Lose Challenge

Hey Healthy Revenger!!

Does this sound like you?

You so desperately want to take control of you mornings and get your workout in…but you can’t seem to get out of bed!

You have all intentions to get up, get your fitness groove on and kick butt the night before…but when the alarm goes off, you just can’t seem to get motivated to make it happen.

You know if you don’t get your workout done in the morning…it ain’t happening!

Every time you hit snooze…you lose, and it’s killing you!!!

YOU WANT YOUR Revenge on the Snooze button. You want to take control of your mornings!!

I’ve got some Healthy Revenge for you girl!!!  

Join me in You Snooze You Lose Challenge!!

What is it:

This is a free “foot in the door” challenge designed to sample how a program works with me!!  The name of the game is MORNINGS!! I will coach you for 5 days to wake up early, get your fitness and nutrition in, and rock your day!  We will track our progress to win the challenge!  If you miss a day…ya lose!

Start date: Monday, September 25th-29th

Deadline to join is Friday September 22nd!  Spots limited!


More productive




More confident with eating clean


Power over your mornings

A routine you’re proud of

Fitness Friends


Fun in your life


How does it work?
  1. Each morning, you’ll stream a workout from Beachbody On Demand from your phone, tablet, computer, or smart tv (for free) at 6am live with us or at your own time!
  2. Then you’ll check into our private group and log that you completed your workout!
  3. I’ll post in the group every day (sharing fitness tips, morning tips, motivation, and run a morning live workout).
  4. You’ll get a simple meal planner to follow should you choose.
  5. You’ll see and FEEL physical results within the week!
  6. Lastly, you’ll connect with the other gals in the group, feel supported, and create friendships!
  7. Optional…try 7 days of my very favorite superfoods smoothie to really up your results!($39.95)

This is how I live my life, how I rock my mornings and how I get my revenge and I want to share allll the goods with you!!

Imagine if you could:

-get all the healthy stuff done before before the day takes over

-have an amazing and balanced healthy lifestyle (wine and coffee still included)

-feel empowered, strong and ready to take on the day and whatever is thrown at you (even if it is lovely chunks of spaghetti)

-have time for YOU that doesn’t take away time from those that are the most important to you

-feel ALIVE and UNSTOPPABLE again!!!

-master your mornings once and for all

One of the biggest problems my clients have…waking up in the mornings to get their Healthy Revenge!! They soooo badly want to, but struggle!

Does that sound like you?  Let’s do this!!

Next steps:

—Make sure you don’t already have a coach!  This group is for my current and new clients.  If you are happily working with a coach, please reach out to her to see what next groups she’s running.

Fill out this simple form here so I can get in contact.

Finally, join my free private group here!  This is where the magic will happen!

You’ll be added once I get your form!

Questions? Be sure to reach out!

Cheers to your Healthy Revenge,

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