The Mentally Strong…Are YOU one of them?!

Hey Healthy Revenger!!


My hubby, Jeff, got me a book for Christmas two years ago and I was psyched to get into it…then life happened (and too many other personal development books).


I’m finally able to read it…somehow he knew this would get me!!


13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do is all about getting and being mentally strong…whew—I was hooked after the first five pages!


I’m on Chapter 3 now and plan on continuing with our Healthy Revengers next week.


I want to share what I learned so far.


Amy Morin states these as the first 5 things the mentally strong don’t do:

1. They don’t wast time feeling sorry for themselves.

2. They don’t give away their power.

3. They don’t shy away from change.

4. They don’t focus on things they can’t control.

5. They don’t worry about pleasing everyone.


Learn the other 8 LIVE (and me being open about where I fall short). Be sure to comment below the video with your thoughts!


As you’ll hear in my video…MINDSET IS EVERYTHING!!!  If you think you don’t need personal development, you most likely need it more that the ones that do it already!


Since starting coaching and diving into my own mindset journey, I quickly became hooked and realized that it’s just as important as the air we breathe.


Because my goal is to show you how your mindset is gold and how this can totally change your outlook on life…on why you keep quitting, why you keep going back to old habits, why you can’t seem to just be HAPPY, why you compare yourself to others, I’ve created March Mindset Madness!!

5 days of filling your brain with goodness (based on your personal needs) and the opportunity to change your thinking.

Are you in?  Click here to join this free event. Don’t forget to read the ‘about’ section where you will find everything you need to join!


Deadline for Mindset Madness is Saturday, February 25th!  Join now!





Cheers to Your Healthy Revenge!

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